15 tips : How to become a successful freelance translator?

15 tips : How to become a successful freelance translator?
1. Recognise your value, remember you are an expert in your language, you are not a typist.
2. Learn one new technique however small every day.
3. Maintain high level of integrity in your translation business
4. Share knowledge with fellow translators-create your own network
5. If required educate your clients translations are much more than words they are reflections of culture, custom and lifestyle.
6. Create passion for your language.
7. Surf net regularly for new information, clients, job etc.
8. Always reply emails at the earliest. The best is to reply clients today’s mail by yesterday, if that is not possible reply within minutes/hours not days. You will see jobs coming
9. Decide different rates for different markets and keep them ready.
10. Keep all info ready in your yahoo, gmail so that your office is movable and always available to you.
11. Translation is an online business: you need to remain connected all the time even when you are sleeping. How ? I will explain in another tip.
12. Never send resume as attachment. Nobody reads that.
13. To do or not to do a sample translation for free? I don’t do any free translation. Read in my future posts why you should not do any free translation.
14. Market yourself. Always.
15. Share your tips at http://getdirectclients.blogspot.com/

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