5 important but little known Secrets of how to identify a fraud agency before accepting jobs

5 Simple rules
1. Email id of the agency is something like yahoo,
msn, gmail.com etc. Think twice, if the agency could
not afford to get its own domain name, it may not be
able to pay you also.
2. Sends a mail without any salutations(Dear Mr. etc)
and the mail contains no introduction etc.
3. The agency does not provide its full contact
4. Wants 20000 words in 3 days!! Is he a translator
who does not know no human translator can provide
quality translation of 20000 words in 3 days. The
figures could be any. I just gave some example.
5.SO some intelligence gathering- google for the name
abd also search in payment practice yahoo group
If you do them , you will never repent. Happy reading.

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