There are several options to marketing your freelance translation business online, in price ranges to suit every budget. It is easy to find Internet marketing solutions that are geared to medium to large size businesses, but for the individual or small company, you have to be careful. There are many claims made to attract your business, but the results rarely live up to the claims.

Here are few tried and true ways of marketing your business that works:

1. Publicity. Most people think that press release distribution is limited to newspapers, but you can also send your press release to other media outlets such as radio and television stations. Research the stations that cater to bilingual audiences.
2. Offline Advertising of Your Website. Online advertising works great when your prospective client is at their computer, but advertising your services offline reinforces your online message, enhancing your credibility.
3. Discussion Forum Posts. Joining a discussion group that is related to the area of your specialization is a good way to attract attention to your freelance translation services. It provides you with an opportunity to learn different ways you can approach your market.
4. Email Signature Blocks. This is a form of online marketing that many freelance translators fail to use to their advantage. Your email signature block should include all of your contact information; your website and postal address, website title and slogan, telephone number and instant messenger ID. Be sure to include your email address here as well so that it is easy for your contact to transfer your information into their database.
5. Blog Syndication. Creating a blog is the easiest way to spread the news about your services because they are distributed to thousands of news feeds.

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