There are a number of efforts made by various Kannada writers in the field of Children’s literature. Among them the note worthy contributions by Panje Mangesha Raya, G.P.Rajarathnam, S.G.Narasimhachar, K.V.Puttappa (Kuvempu), Shivarama Karantha, Siddaiah Puranika, Channavira Kanavi, N.R.Hiremutt, Na.D’souza,Sisu Sangamesha, Palakala Seetharama Bhatta, Kanchyani Sharanappa, Dr.N.S.Laxminarayana Bhatta , Dr.H.S.Venkatesha Murthy, T.S.Nagaraja Shetty, Bolwaru Mohammed Kunhi can be made mention of.


Panje Mangesha Raya: The literary career of Panje Mangesha Raya began in 1912 and he is considered the earliest exponent of Children’s literature in Kannada. Serving as a Head Master in the Government High School at Madikeri and working as Inspector in the State Education Department, he has had a chance to be close with the children. He wrote with pen names such as Kavishishya, Haratemalla and Ra Ma Pam, he had coined the Bala Sahitya Mandali, a forum for Children’s Literature in Kannada. Rhymes such as Haavina Hadu, Tenkana Galiyata and Huttari Hadu are popular among children even today. He also wrote short stories for news letters such as Suvasini and Satyadeepa. He produced his works in English too; How the mice danced, The Lark and its eggs, The Crow and the Sparrow are important ones. Koti Chennayya, a novel by him has been made a Kannada movie by the same name.

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