An Introduction to Bangla 3 Simple Steps to Get Started

Considered by many scholars a language as romantic and subtle as French, Bangla is an Eastern Indo-Aryan language that found roots in the Indo-European language family way back in the 500 BC. According to some, the language saw the daylights in the South Asian regions as the truest successor of Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit, inheriting bits and pieces (well, chunks, if you demand) from all the three since 1000 CE, though counter opinions are galore. The contradictions state that Bangla took form as a separate language in 1000 AD; however, a deeper study would reveal the stages in between – it was the adulterated Magadhi Prakrit (apabhrangsha and abahattha) that formed the foundation of the archaic Bangla along with Oriya and Assamese, among which, there used to exist a negligible amount of linguistic difference till Medieval Bengali originated in 1400 AD and started ruling supreme.

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