Informed consent forms are somewhat new in the Indian context, basically an informed consent is the consent obtained by a patient in writing, to undergo a medical or a surgical treatment or even to participate in an experiment only after the patient understands the actual risks involved in such a process. Informed consent is not just simply getting a patient to sign on a written consent form to undergo a treatment or participate in an experiment; it is a process of mutual communication between the physician and the patient that results in the patient’s authorization or agreement to undergo a specific medical intervention.



Medical translation is the process of translating of clinical, technical, regulatory or marketing documentation and even software or training curriculum for the healthcare, medical device or pharmaceutical fields. In order to get a more accurate understanding of any medical devices or pharmaceuticals to be sold in a particular country, it is preferable get all the associated literature and labeling done in the language of that country. In addition to this, regulatory approval submissions have to be typically translated as well. The medical translation is necessary to enable the local clinicians conduct clinical trials, and for patients and regulatory representatives to be able to read them and get acquainted well with them.


5 Ways For A Freelance Translator To Earn Money Now

5 Ways For A Freelance Translator To Earn Money Now

There are over one hundred freelance job posting sites on the Internet and with every day that passes, that number increases as more people make the choice to work for themselves. On top of the fact that these agencies are making the transition easier than it was ten years ago, it is also opening new doors of opportunities in the way you use your translation skills.

While the publishing world at large is one of the best places to look for freelance translation work, if you want to optimize your chances of steady employment, the key word to keep in mind is flexibility. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Translating Advertising Materials for Sales Agents

Think about how many advertising messages you are seeing today in Spanish. Behind the advertisement is a product or service that has printed material to explain its features. If Spanish is one of your languages, this is a good opportunity to show your expertise.

Online Copy Proofreader and/or Editor
Along with the growing demand for quality content, there is a need for proofreading and editing. As bilingual sites begin to become more commonplace, the need for experienced translators has increased.

Desktop Publishing Translator
Some website operators are hiring freelance translators to create the pages in different languages instead of using computer software for the job.

Audio Translations
Everything you hear on radio or television has to be written for someone to say. Contact local stations and offer your services.

Paralegal Translations
Interpreters work closely with the court system, but what about the transcripts? Offering translation services to lawyers who work with a client base that speaks English as a second language can increase your income.