Whether you are just starting out as a freelance translator or have years of experience, the bidding process of winning projects remains a creative endeavor. When you are working through an agency, there is a wide range of client types; some are easier to do business with than others. But no matter what type of client you prefer, it is to your advantage to pay attention to the clues they give when they describe their project and make sure the subject is of interest to you.
What is the most important ingredient of the winning bid formula? A cup of experience, a quart of communication skills and a gallon of luck plus as much patience as you can find. But one thing is certain, if you cannot follow the train of thought of the service buyer, it might be best not to bid on the project.
From an experienced freelance translator’s point of view, the service that we offer is very different in the sense that we regularly use intuitive skills in order to translate languages. For me the secret of winning bids on projects is to first make sure that the subject is within my sphere of interest. Second, I read the description of the project carefully and look for the language clues that tell me if the client is organized or not.
Because I am genuinely interested in the subject, it is easier for me to relax and see what happens. It all the elements add up positively, more times than not, I win the project. Try this approach and see how it works for you.