Engdi – the new name of Hinglish and more on sanganak and kunjipatal in shudh Hindi

The government has finally read the writing on the wall that Hinglish is the way forward, even in official communication. A more accurate fusion word for the government’s interpretation, of course, would be Engdi as the idea is to let English words leach into Hindi communication, not the obverse version that has become the lingua franca of the bindaas generation. The language of technology is primarily English and translations can be tedious, tortuous and, often, completely incomprehensible.

It makes more sense, for instance, to write computer and keyboard in the Devanagari script in sarkari correspondence than insist on calling them sanganak and kunjipatal in shudh Hindi and risk befuddlement at the opposite end. The myriad of ‘foreign’ words that have already merged into the Hindi mainstream – from police to ticket to button – show that simplicity wins. By the same logic, the newer English words had to be allowed officially to permeate Hindi, as it is already happening everywhere else.

Hopefully, this reality check in official exchanges will be extended to other government-public interfaces.

Designations such as junior engineer and clerk-typist are certainly easier on most tongues than kanisht abhiyanta or lipik-sah-tankak, and scientific terms remain best enunciated in English despite the efforts of the Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology – paradoxically translated as Vaigyanik Tatha Takneeki Shabdavali Aayog – set up in 1960 to find or devise Hindi equivalents for disciplines as diverse as sericulture and nuclear power. Read the whole post here http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2011-10-14/news/30279304_1_hindi-translations-english