How to read and write Kannada in computer?

The myth that since computer being a western invention; a western language like English is the best that would fit in to it has perished a long ago. A whole lot of other languages could be used in computers now. Many of the computer program writers in Kannada are Kannadigas, most of them are either from Bangalore or from other parts of the state. This has benefited a lot in coining some new software in Kannada language. The Government of Karnataka, Kannada Abhivriddhi Pradhikara and Kannada Ganaka Parishat have joined hands with these programmers having a concern for Kannada and have played a prominent part in scribing computer software programs that have greatly helped using Kannada in Computer. Kannada is now being used in computers for day to day regular works of different departments of the state government of Karnataka.


Designing the Kannada keyboard format and formation of Kannada Kacheri and Kannada Saurabha software is notable. Baraha and Nudi softwares have eased the usage of Kannada in our computers. It is appreciable that the authorities are striving hard to strengthen Kannada as a computer language.

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