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As a one-stop  Worldwide Language Service provider, Chitol offers a varied  range of language solutions in 120+ languages – from translation and localization, Proofreading, Editing and Quality Checking  to transcreation and linguistic validation and brand Analysis. We always  make sure to understand all your needs before we make a job plan.

Quality that makes a difference

The quality of translation and language -related services is often underestimated by new businesses. Your product or service content is directly associated with the quality your company offers, so the choice of language service provider very often makes the difference between success and failure. We  at Chitol guarantee quality of our services by applying rigorous Quality  control and offer you high-quality  output at the lowest  prices.

Localization Services in World Market

Clients  prefer to buy online in their native language. This holds true for foreign language speakers in domestic and overseas markets. Currently only  about one third  of  all Internet users in the world can speak English.

Website and Software Localization 

Professional translation and customization of software applications, websites and products to a particular country, language and target market.


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Extracting the text from your recordings and translating it to foreign languages.


120+  languages covered: Asian, European, Middle Eastern

Multicultural Marketing

Conveying your messages creatively and effectively to the target audiences International Brand Check Transcreation\Adaptation

Linguistic Validation

Translation and cultural adaption


Proofreading, revision and editing, updating your documents, back translation

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