Linguists opine that there at least 5000 languages being used in different parts of the world, in India itself we find nearly about 1000 different languages. Some languages have a huge user base exceeding a hundred million while some others have only a few hundred speakers. A language cannot always be independent or remain static. Most of the flourishing languages of today have undergone drastic modifications during the course of their growth, have gained from their interaction with the other languages, have borrowed and lent words with other languages that have come into their contact and have stood the ravages of time. Such an interaction builds a relationship among the different languages.




Kannada too has a relationship with many of the languages that have come into an interaction with it. This relationship could be due to the three major factors as follow-


1. Geographical factors: Geographically Kannada speaking region is covered by regions speaking Marathi in the north, Tamil and Malayalam in the south, Telugu in the east and Konkani and Tulu in the west. People in these regions have to interact with each other in their daily activities and thus have influenced the languages of each other.



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How to Learn Kannada Online?

Karnataka is the house of Silicon Valley of Asia, Bengaluru has attracted thousands of IT professionals from throughout India as well as the world. The fact that majority of the IT workers are of Kannada origin may have prompted several efforts to introduce programs with Kannada applications into our computers. Many of the people who have migrated to Bengaluru admit that they have realized the necessity of learning Kannada and have at least tried to learn it at once. Some of them now understand and converse in common Kannada. There are classes conducted to learn Kannada, you may also look out on the internet to start learning Kannada.


The phenomenal growth of internet as a medium of information sharing has made people of different regions of the world come nearer to each other. No culture or knowledge is local now; it has the potential to get global through internet. You may get to know anything sitting right in your living room. Now it’s easy to learn Kannada online, you are only a click away, the whole lot of information on learning Kannada is on your screen. All you need is to make a better choice and select the best course that suits you the most. Total Kannada dot com is a website that offers you online teaching material through Kannada kali (Learn Kannada) sessions. You will get the basic introduction to Kannada language, know the Kannada character set and start up with simple words, greetings and wishes. You will come to know about starting simple conversations and enter workshops to brush up your learning of Kannada. You can also buy books on line about learning Kannada.

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