Urdu – the language People love

Article credit www.indianscripts.com The Beauty of Urdu Language: Some of the best works are written in Urdu language. The prose in Urdu language consists of both religious as well as literary. Sharia and the Islamic literature are the prime collections of the same. One would find Sufism, Fiqh and Hadith commentary in Urdu other that classics from Persian and Arabic translated in the language. A very famous book in Urdu written in the 18th century by Pandit Roop Chand Joshi called Lal Kitab is the epitome of astrology. It is interesting to note here that during this time the language was spoken by even the North Indian Brahmin families as well. When we see the literary work written in Urdu language, it would be very difficult to ignore the genres of fiction and non- fiction. The Dastan has been very famous because of its complex plotting and interesting characters. Still the best of all remains the short story call Afsana which has stories written by prominent writers like Minshi Prem Chand, Qurratulain Hyder, Ghulam Abbas, Rajinder singh Bedi etc. Other interesting literature in Urdu language includes Safemama, Sarguzisht, Mazmoon, Inshaeya, Khud Navvisht and Murasela. Still the premier of all remains the Urdu poetry which is famous in South Asian countries now for almost two centuries. There is such a beauty in it variety of genres like in Ghazal, Nazm, Masnavi or Karbala, that it is difficult to get over Urdu poetry once you get its charm. One can call Ghazal subjective poetry fitted in music which mesmerizes your soul. The same holds true for Nazm which is narrative form of Urdu poetry, satirical, descriptive and indeed captivating. It also has Masnavi under it which is a classical style of poem having a long narration in couplets that rhyme. The theme for these varies as didactics, religion and romance. Another popular Nazm style is Marsia. It includes Hazrat Husayn Ibn Ali’s martyrdom in a great style and passion. Similarly, Qasida is a nobleman or king’s praise which is developed in a very logical manner and concluded beautifully. Still the most adored and widely recited form of Urdu poetry remains its contemporary counterpart; called the Nat. These are written in Muhammad’s praise and do not have a specific category. But Ghazal mostly contain this beautiful poetry. The language also varies in each Nat. The most famous Nat writers include Ahmed Rida Khan whose works found admiration in the 20th century. His works include Bayt and Salam. Another Nat writer whose works are worth reading is Maulana Shabnam Kamali. If one has taste for literature, then Urdu language has a lot to offer in the form of poetry. The words are exquisite and are used in conjugation with Perisan, Urdu Arabic and even Hindi languages. Their acknowledgement is worldwide for their formality of words yet maintaining the charisma of expressions. Mawlid too is an epitome of expressions and since it is about Prophet’s birth, it can be heard during Fridays in many mosques also. Brought to you by www.indianscripts.com

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