Population on internet is growing fast; recent studies reveal that World Wide Web population has crossed the landmark of 2 billion; and in India about 100 million have access to internet services. Karnataka has an estimated internet population of about 5 million along with Bengaluru at 2.3 million internet users. Recent studies also show that internet accessibility is no longer a big city affair. Cities with population up to a quarter million are faring better too. These statistics reveal that in Karnataka, about 2.7 million internet users are from areas other than Bengaluru; where Kannada is the major language of communication. Businesses tend to look out for building more sales by targeting fresh potential customers. A business on net is more likely to reach its potential customers by having multilingual websites. Multilingual websites aid in targeting and engaging customers in different regions. It’s worth remembering that most people are reluctant to buy goods or services if they are unable to access information in their native language. There are roughly 4.5 million net users in Karnataka with considerable spending power who mostly speak Kannada. These net users in turn have many more family members and friends who at least consult them in making decisions regarding purchase sales and services. And if you are thinking of tapping in to fast growing local markets, then translating your website in Kannada does make a lot of sense.
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